Having the references of an artistical vision, since 1993, our companies namely De SIGN and ART SIGN have developed in the last years the possibility to offer stage services going from creation and detailed technical projects to the entire production of sceneries, costumes, props and accessories.

We have achieved appreciated works for important names among the set and costume designers in European theaters: Antony McDonald and Emma Ryott, Reinhard von der Thannen, Sue Willmington, Florence von Gerkan, Richard Hudson, William Orlandi, Helmut Sturmer, Sue Huntley and Donna Muir, Philip Prowse, Marie Jeanne Lecca, Karl Kneidl and Ruth Gross, Katrin-Susann Brose, Miruna Boruzescu, Petrika Ionesco and many others.

Many times in the last years we left our small workshops and moved our work to big industrial halls which better suited our projects. Like the builders of the ancient craft, we have worked for weeks, sometimes for month, huge sculptural forms or shining structures, monumental shapes, paintings, furniture, props, weapons, entire sets. We are able to provide technical design and achievement of almost every type of set, using carpentry, metallic structures in steel and aluminium, upholstery, sculpture, painting, resin casting, mechanical, electrical and hydraulical mechanisms and devices enabling stage movements.

For us, costume production means style and history study, understanding of your creative intentions and artistic patterns related to the human body and character, from the simplest leaf to the most luxurious cloak. We offer a direct assistance for the costume designer. Our costume and hat compartments can produce any type of stage clothing and accessories, shoes, ornaments, masks, using various materials and techniques.

Our main suppliers for several years have been Gerriets, J.F.Fuchs, Wohlemberg, Blickle, Secco Sign, Big Image, all well known to you.

We have accomplished in the last 13 years more than 200 contracts for stage sets and clothing. Our technicians are always working under the coordination of artists, architects and engineers, who could understand and develop your ideas.

What we have to offer is knowledge, experience and a demanding attitude towards our own products, matching the quality level requested in the european theaters and always acceptable for their budget.

Liviu Bejenaru, manager

Graduaded in 1970 the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, worked as an architect, industrial designer and stage designer, founded a design workshop in 1984, founded the companies De SIGN in 1993 and ART SIGN in 1999. Coordination for technical projects and set building.

Andreea Adam, art director

Graduaded in 2002 the Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest, worked since she studied at the Fine Arts high school in our team as a painter, graphic designer and costume assistant. Coordination for costumes and artistical workshops.

Lori Bratu, production executive

Graduaded in 2002 Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest. Worked with our team since 1993,as a stage design assistant and painter. Coordination for artistical works and costumes.

Victor Panaitescu, technical director

Graduaded in 1961 the Politechnical Engineering Institute, conceived a lot of technical projects, invented a lot of (strange moving) industrial objects, technical designer and coordination for mechanisms and structures.